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Marine Construction Services





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Dock & Jetty Construction

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We are one of the diving, marine construction and salvage consulting company located in Surabaya, Indonesia & proud to provide our customers with safe, inexpensive, on time and best service in diving


Our Vision

We have built a reputation of providing general underwater work and marine services to our client with safe, qualified, on schedule and of course rational budget.

Our Mission

We will accomplished customer satisfaction by anticipating their needs through certified, competent, reliable employes and we want to be one of the leading company at Indonesia and Asia in general as a proudly provider of commercial diving services.

Our Goals

We will provide safety working, on time service, superior customer relations and quality result at competitive prices.


We provide the best service and timely results to all our clients

IRM Services


Diving Services (Surface Supplied Air or Mixed Gas Diving) And General Underwater Works, Underwater Burning, Welding & Cutting, Drilling Rig Support, Underwater Measurements using MPI, UT Reading, Eddy Current, Platforms well head & pipeline inspection, repair & maintenance, Underwater documentation services (photography and video), Removal and Installation Clam and Subsea / Floating Hose and SBM / SPM Changed

Ship & CP Services


Underwater In Lieu Of Dry Docking / In Water Survey Service, Bow Thrusters, Wheel, Shaft & Bearing Change Out, Sea-Valve Change Out, Fabrication of Blanks, Keel Cooler Replacements, Hull, Sea-Chest, Keel Cooler, Propeller Cleaning & Polishing Used Manual Scrap / Hydraulic Bruahcut Machine, Underwater Coating Applications, Underwater UTI, MPI & Eddy Current Measurement

Marine Construction


Arkananta Indoensia, PT working on Pipeline / Optic Cable Burial, Plug & Abandonment. Trenching, sand bagging and burial of pipeline and subsea telecommunication cable. Platform, jack up and submersible rig Inspection, Repair, Maintenance and recovery. Dock and Jetty Inspection, Repair, Construction and Rehabilitations. Replacement, Installation And Provide of Marine Catodic Protection System.



Arkananta Indoensia, PT has been involved with many rescue boats and cargo. Equipped with sustainable barges and support vessels, Arkananta Indonesia rescue experts, PT is ready to carry out various rescues, including but not limited to the following: Fuel Dispensing from Ships, Crash Drop Removal, Oil Spill Removal, Biggest Boat Cleaning , Refloating Grounded Vessel and Refloating Sinking Vessel


PADI Dive Center

SDS Academy – PADI Dive Center Surabaya
Scuba Diving Surabaya Academy is Official PADI Dive Center in Surabaya (S-26329)
The PADI certification is the most widely recognized diver certification. In fact more than 23 million PADI certifications issued since 1966, nearly one million PADI certifications issued every year. More than 136.000 individual Professional Member and more than 6.300 PADI Dive Center around the world.
Your PADI certification is valid for life. This simply means no matter where you choose to dive, your PADI certification card will be recognized and accepted. You come in the best place to learn scuba diving in Surabaya. We have 4 levels of PADI Diver Courses, 10 PADI Specialty Courses, 3 PADI PRO Courses and 1 Emergency Care Course (Basic Life Support)

Service Excellence & Zero Accident Policy

Our Commitment

PT. Arkindo consider that integrity will be an important value underlies all parties the company relationship, especially it’s client. We believe that no more important issue than lawful and ethical conduct of employee in relationship with client, government officials and business partners.

Our Promise

PT. Arkindo we believe that every client expect fast quality service. The  business ethics and relationships are our commitments to reach a good quality service.



Our engineers have experiences working on projects worldwide, providing services for ship design, marine as well as offshore consultancy and also analysis for innovative projects

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We are a very competent company to our clients so we are always trusted to do the project maximally.